Many Solar Water Heater Sellers Deceive You With Tank Capacity: Know Your Solar Water Heater’s Exact Water Content In Liters

Many solar water heater sellers resort to deceptive practices by exaggerating the tank capacity, knowing that most customers may not verify or fully understand the water volume. This dishonesty can leave homeowners with systems that fall short of their hot water needs when it’s most needed (Autumn, Winter, Spring). To ensure you get what you pay for, you can use the equation below to calculate the precise hot water content in your solar water heater.

Step 1: Measure the Tank’s External Dimensions

  • External Diameter: 30 cm (0.3 meters)
  • External Length: 2 meters (200 cm or 2 meters)


Step 2: Deduct the Insulation Thickness

  • Insulation Thickness: 5 cm (0.05 meters)
  • Adjusted Diameter: 30 cm – 2 * 5 cm = 20 cm (0.2 meters)
  • Adjusted Length: 200 cm (2 meters) – 2 * 5 cm = 190 cm (1.9 meters)


Step 3: Calculate the Usable Volume

  • Usable Volume = π (Adjusted Radius^2) Adjusted Height
  • Usable Volume = π (0.1 meters^2) 1.9 meters
  • Usable Volume ≈ 0.57 cubic meters (or 570 liters)


So, for a solar water heater with a 30 cm diameter, 2 meters length, and 5 cm insulation thickness, the usable water volume is approximately 570 liters. This is the actual volume available for storing hot water, considering the insulation inside the tank.

In conclusion: Learn to calculate your solar water heater tank size accurately and avoid getting deceived by false water volumes especially on social media. Protect your investment and make sure you get what you pay for.

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