Differential Thermocontrol – (DTHC/S)

Differential Thermocontrol – (DTHC/S)

Electronic Control


– Temperature reader and differential thermocontrol
– Adjustable temperature settings by front keypad
– Defrost mode to prevent freezing of solar panels
– Wide temperature range and control
– Modular housing suitable for mounting on
– 35mm DIN rail (EN 50022)

User interface
– Press on the Set button to access the setup menu
– Use the ‘UP” & “Down” buttons to scroll menu list :
– d H : large difference between sensors
– d L : small difference between sensors
– d F : defrost mode (-10′ C up to +10’ C)
– Ed : exit menu
To make an adjustment to one of these parameters :
– Press on the Set button in front of the displayed parameter
– Use the “UP” & “Down” buttons to make the adjustment
– Press again on the Set button to exit the selected parameter

Defrost mode : the relay will energize when the upper sensor
reaches the temperature set in defrost with a hysteresis of 3′ C
o To read the upper sensor temperature, press on the “UP” button
L 0 : Temperature lower then -30′ C
HI : Temperature higher then 99 ‘C
U : Upper sensor open circuit
S U : Upper sensor short circuit
S L : Lower sensor short circuit
L : Lower sensor open circuit

Technical data
– Power supply:
175 – 245VAC (50/60Hz)

Control action:
ON f OFF type ; Based on Microchip PIC microcontroller
Temperature is indicated on a 7segment 1f2″ dual display in °C
The output status is indicated with bright-red LEOs

Control output: available
Relay control with 1 (standard) or 2 changeover output contacts:
Max switching voltage : 277 VAC f 30 VDC
Max switching current : 10A for resistive load
Max switching power : 2770VA 1/2Hp

Display range:
Min -30′ C up to Max +99′ C

0.2% full scale ±1 digit

Ambient conditions:
Indoor use only ; -30 -70°C (-22 -158 °F) ; < 90% RH non-condensing

Power consumption:
< 6VA

90 x 54 x 58 mm (3 .5″ H x 2.1 ” W x 2.3″ D)

Housing & Enclosure:
‘” 235g (0.52 Ib) ; Degree of protection: IP40
Flame retardant plastic modular housing with transparent red snap-in
cover, for mounting on 35mm DIN rail (EN 50022)

Sensors included:
NTC thermistor ; 10 KO @ 25°C (7r F) ± 0.2°C
6.012) x 50 L mm , stainless steel, 135°C max applicable temperature