battery rehabilitation

Experience Greentech’s Battery Rehabilitation Program – a pioneering solution engineered to revitalize and enhance the performance of compromised energy storage systems. Through meticulous diagnostics and advanced charging techniques, our program extends battery lifespan, maximizes energy transfer efficiency, and amplifies overall storage capacity. This results in prolonged operational cycles, reduced replacement costs, and minimized environmental impact. Embrace a sustainable approach to battery optimization and elevate your energy storage investment with Greentech’s innovative program.

  • Battery Assessment: assess the battery’s current condition through testing and diagnostics
  • Discharge and Recharge: battery is discharged fully and then recharged using controlled and optimized charging algorithms. This processimproves battery’s capacity and performance back it’s original state.
  • Cell Balancing: Balancing helps maintain uniform performance across all cells and prevents overcharging or undercharging of individual cells.
  • Pulse Charging and Conditioning: battery rehabilitation programs use pulse conditioning, which involves applying short bursts of high-frequency pulses to the battery. This techniquehelps desulfate the battery and improve its ability to hold a charge.
  • Capacity Testing: After the rehabilitation process, the battery undergoes capacity testing to assess its improved performance and energy storage capabilities.
  • Dpro water. Double osmosis distilled water special for lead acid batteries
  • Inverter maintenance
  • Solar panel cleaners (polywater and remsys datasheets)
  • Battery maintainer:
  • A battery maintainer is an essential device designed to prolong the life and maintain the optimal performance of various types of batteries. It works by providing a low-level trickle charge to the battery, preventing it from discharging excessively and becoming sulfated. Battery maintainers are particularly useful for 12V batteries on stock, vehicles, boats, RVs, and other equipment that may sit unused for extended periods. By ensuring your batteries stay charged and in good condition, a battery maintainer helps you avoid the inconvenience and cost of premature battery replacement.
  • Battery analyzer:
  • A battery analyzer is a specialized tool used to assess the condition, performance, and overall health of batteries. It evaluates various aspects of a battery’s functionality, such as capacity, voltage, internal resistance, and charge retention. By conducting tests and measurements, a battery analyzer provides valuable insights into the state of the battery, helping to identify issues like low capacity, sulfation, or cell imbalance. This information assists in making informed decisions about battery maintenance, replacement, and optimizing performance for various applications, including automotive, industrial, and renewable energy systems.
  • Battery recovery charger
  • A battery recovery charger is a device designed to rejuvenate and restore the capacity of depleted or weak batteries. It employs specialized charging algorithms and techniques to reverse common issues that can affect batteries, such as sulfation and stratification. Sulfation occurs when sulfate crystals build up on the battery plates, reducing its capacity and performance. Stratification happens when acid concentration varies within the battery, leading to uneven charging and discharging.
  • A battery recovery charger uses controlled charging processes, including pulsing and desulfation cycles, to break down sulfate crystals and redistribute the electrolyte. This can help recover lost capacity and extend the overall lifespan of the battery. These chargers are often used on lead-acid batteries in automotive, marine, and industrial applications, as well as for renewable energy systems to maintain and optimize battery performance over time.

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